Foundations of BPM: Building Strong foundations for Process Based Management

                                                                     “Strategies most often fail because they are not executed well”

                                                                                                       – Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan     


Getting the strategy right is crucial to longer- term success for any organization. Defining the right strategy is just one part of it, the challenging part is how the strategy is executed on the ground.

Also, is the strategy sufficiently detailed so that it describes how it will achieve both growth & productivity improvements? And that’s where the importance of Process Management lies. Processes are the only way an organization delivers value to its customers & executes its strategy.

Have we defined the right value chains and work systems to ensure the seamless execution of strategy? The culture of process system runs from top to bottom and not the other way round. This is BPM Services or Business Process Management, Managing Your Business through Processes.

Businesses employ a variety of tools, approaches, and technology known as business process management (BPM) services to streamline their operational procedures. BPM aims to boost customer satisfaction, cut expenses, increase productivity, and improve operational efficiency. BPM services include mapping and analyzing current business processes, identifying opportunities for improvement, and putting automated solutions in place that improve workflows and lower human error. Process modeling, process mapping automation, analytics, and continuous improvement are all possible BPM services. Businesses can gain a competitive advantage and increase their agility, scalability, and responsiveness to changing business needs by utilizing BPM services.

About the Program

BPM services for Leaders is a program designed for leadership team with the following agenda:

1. An Understanding of Business Process Management
2. A Real Life Case Study on Strategy to Execution
3. A Road Map for Business Process Management and

At the end of this program, Leaders can help practitioners to define, design and improve business processes that confirm execution of business processes through our best BPM services.

The Participants

  • CXOs
  • Department/Function Heads
  • Everyone who plans, executes and monitors business strategies
    and business objectives

The Duration

The Program is designed for 0.5 day / half day of class room / online class room session.

The Outline​

1. An Understanding of Business Process Management
A. Introduction to Business Process Management
B. Problem of Problems: A perspective on selection of business
C. Primacy of Process: Process Ownership
D. 2 Virtuous Circle: Source for Continuous Improvement
E. 7Eablers of Business Process Management
2. A Real Life Case Study on Strategy to Execution
A. Vision, Strategy, Business Objectives Map with Business Processes
and Customer Journey Map
B. Define/Design Business Systems for Practitioners
C. Link Business Objectives with Process Objectives
3. A Road Map for Business Process Management
A. BPM Maturity Assessment
B. Define, Design Road Map for Business Process

About Trainer

Amit Chauhan is a principal consultant at Q3edge consulting with more than 24 years of experience of BPM education and consulting. He has trained as well as provided consultancy to the global leading companies like STC in Saudi, Cayman Healthcare in Cayman Island, Schlumberger-UK; Asian Paints, HDFCLife, MaxLife in India and more. He is certified Master Black Belt in LEAN Six Sigma, Lead Assessor for EFQM, Malcom Baldrige, Certified Assessment
Team Member, CMMI, and Lead Auditor for ISO 9001, ISO 27001.

He has been the speaker at many globally recognized platforms like ANQ(Asian Network for Quality), BBC – USA, Australian Indo Chambers etc.

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