About Business Process Architecture​

Business processes are the mechanism to execute the strategic intent of the organization. Business process architecture is a hierarchical model of the business processes of an organization. Business Process architecture acts as a guiding star to discover, understand, and document an organization’s business processes and related resources in a hierarchical model.

Business Process Architecture is a LIVE document that updates with the change in an organization’s commitment to its customers and stakeholders. Every company has a different process architecture that keeps on changing with time. Process architecture recognizes the important concepts involved in a company’s processes. It analyses how consistent, competent, and accurate a process is.  A business process architecture methodology is simply to provide a bird-view of the hierarchy of operations within an organization.

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What Are The Tangible Benefits Of Business Process Architecture?

If the business process architecture perfectly aligns with your business objectives, your business grows in no time. Q3Edge aims to provide you the BPA service that has all the following tangible benefits: —

Powerful Visualization and Management Tool

Process architecture does not only describe the hierarchical relationship among the processes with organization strategy but also make it visible how organization resources like IT, People, Infrastructure, Information Assets, are related to business processes for execution of strategy.

Explain How Strategic Intent is Executed

Strategies are executed through processes. With the change in strategy, the related business processes and sub processes are identified. And this leads to change the priority or importance of resources in the organization.

Communicate Business Processes

A visual hierarchical model gives clarity and transparency among business system. It becomes easier to communicate business processes.

The Source for Process Improvement

If there is no documented and agreed understanding of the relationships and interdependencies between key business processes, then there can be no certainty of doing effective process improvement.

How Does Q3Edge Provide The Best Business Process Architecture Model?

Our ultimate goal is to make your process, ‘Better’, ‘Faster’ & ‘Cheaper’. We apply the most efficient strategies and techniques tailor-made just to suit your needs. There are various approaches available to design business process architecture.

We understand what business process architecture model suits your needs the most. The business process architecture framework depends on the type of business process models

There are many approaches to designing BPA models. We apply one of these approaches which are the most suitable some of which are —

Q3Edge aligns process architecture and business process management together that yield you maximum profits and benefits. Incorporating business process management (BPM) and business process architecture (BPA) together is definitely the way forward. It can be rightly said that BPA is one of the cores of BPM.

Why this alignment is important? That is because BPA allows you to manage your processes much more efficiently. For Business Process Management to work effectively, it needs appropriate and structured methodologies. Business process architecture model provides that structure.

Frequently asked questions

Business process architecture definition simplified is a flowchart of the processes in an organization in a chronological order. It is a hierarchical model that explains the relationship among various elements of the business to achieve business objectives.

Business process architecture framework is an outline that provides structure and knowledge of any information regarding the business processes. It combines business and technology patterns to prevent disintegration. BPA framework is required to attain a common perspective to achieve the calculated and planned goals.

The major benefits of process architecture are:

  • BPA clarifies scope reference points to bring stable decisions.
  • One of the main functions of process architecture is identifying the extent of effect it will have on the processes. So, scope boundaries can easily be set.
  • It provides a valuable contribution to design framework.
  • It includes all the performance-related assessment of the processes. This data is used to analyse what processes will deliver more if the changes are applied.

Process architecture is best for project proposals. It makes visualization easier and loopholes identification much faster.

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