Process Mining

Mine Your Process

Process Mining brings the real understanding about how business is managed. It is not based on
perception, or belief. Process Mining is based on “Fact Based Decision” that is supported with real time
data.p.m brings clarity on how process is currently executed, how many exceptional ways
through which process is executed, compare different versions of processes, find bottlenecks, measure
process compliances, and helps to predict process performance.

Key Feature

  • Discover “REAL” Process
  • Identify Bottlenecks and Opportunities for Improvement
  • Check Process Conformance
  • Simulate various Whatif Analysis
  • Predict Process Performance
Q3edge Process Mining consulting service, embedded with Process Mining Product Solution, supports:
  • Perform quick health check of your processes with datasnapshots
  • Identify hidden root causes that lead to inefficiency and delay in business process landscape
  • Determine Process maturity level through process compliance check
  • Connect with Living systems like SAP, enables you to continuously diagnose and monitor the
    process performance with real time data
  • Reduce cost to spend IT budget on p.m solution unless it’s value is proven to your

Transform your operations, achieve your goals

with our expert BPM consulting.

Get a 360-degree view of your supply chain, customer service, IoT, or any other business.
p.m lets you understand your process data and their dependencies to find patterns,
anomalies and opportunities for improvement. p m helps to compare designed
processes to as-is processes, seeing if they execute as planned and make changes before,
they impact your bottom line. Simulate and analyze process optimization scenarios to determine

the best path to improvement.

Unlock the power of business management through process excellence! Take the first step in
Process Mining with Q3edge Process Mining Management.

Q3edge uses and recommends World Leaders in Process Mining Platforms:

Leaders as per Everst Group PEAK MATRIX ® 2022

Still Not Sure, How Process Mining will help If you would like to know how p.m will help you, to dig into your real time data and what how can explore hidden opportunities for improvement, contact us for a free demo.


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