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Robotic Process Automation

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RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, is an advanced technology that uses automation to completely transform the way businesses operate. It empowers organizations to achieve unmatched efficiency, unprecedented savings, and remarkable agility by seamlessly integrating intelligent automation into their operations. Q3edge’s RPA solutions pave the way for a more productive and cost-effective future.

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Digitizing healthcare operations like AI-assisted diagnostics, touch-based digitalized patient and home care, faster and hassle-free admission and discharge, error-free claim verification and approvals, etc.​
With faster operations like mobile or app-based transactions, hassle-free and faster account opening and claim processing. It has also enabled banking players to follow stringent compliance and reduce frauds.
Revolutionizing the industry players by transforming paper-intensive processes like policy administration and servicing, claim verification and processing, insurance eligibility verification, underwriting and pricing, etc.
BPO/Call Center
Massively impacting the staff as well as customer experience by dramatically reducing ticket resolution turnaround time, expediting data entry and validation.
Transforming labour-intensive operations like PO creation, inventory management, customer/vendor support, ERP, etc.​
Improving customer experience and accelerate service delivery. It has smartly transformed end-user support, service desk ticket resolution, data center, security operations, application support and scheduled activities.
Education ​
Replacing the voluminous paperwork, and repetitive and time-consuming processes. It has improved the access to education and enhanced teacher as well as students experience.​

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