“ Building a Visionary Company requires, one percent vision and 99 percent alignment ”

                                                                                                                  -Jim Collins


The importance of Visual Management is known for years in the industry and many organizations have adopted it for their operations. But execution of operation is completely dependent on the quality of process definition. Business process model is the only way an organization creates, accumulates and delivers values to its customers and stakeholders. Being such a critical aspect of any organization is remain untouched with visual management.

Moreover, there is no specialized training or course on process define and design. And for many years, it is completely dependent on an individual’s skill and expertise to see, understand and basis on the same define and document the business processes. Unfortunately, such unstructured approach for the most structured system of an organization leaves many holes in the businesses and finally organization struggles to get the outcome “somehow”.

About the Program

Business Process model is a way of defining, and documenting processes as a model. There are numerous process mapping techniques, but only the smart techniques work to yield you the best possible outcomes. Not many people realise that only valued models enable you to attain maximum return on investment (ROI) through process models.

The program is designed for BPM Implementers who takes the responsibility to document business processes. At the end of this 2 days workshop, participants will learn

  1. Understanding of Business Process Management
  2. Understanding of Business Process Modelling Excellence Framework
  3. Design Business Process Models

The Participants

  • Process Experts,
  • Business Process Excellence/Quality Professionals,
  • Everyone who is involved in documenting business processes

The Duration

The Program is designed for 2 days of class room / online class room session.

The Outline

1. An Understanding of Business Process Management

  • Introduction to Business Process Management
  • Problem of Problems: A perspective on selection of business problem
  • 7Eablers of Business Process Management

2. Understanding of Business Process Modelling Excellence Framework

  • Components of Process Modelling Excellence Framework
  • How to Measure the Effectiveness of Process Models
  • Learn Industry Best Practices of Process Modelling

3. Design Business Process Models

  • Types of Process Modelling Approaches
  • Learn and Design Business Process Models
  • Learn and Design Risk Management Models and Process KPIs Models

About Trainer

Amit Chauhan is a principal consultant at Q3edge consulting with more than 22 years of experience of BPM education and consulting. He has trained as well as provided consultancy to the global leading companies like STC in Saudi, Cayman Healthcare in Cayman Island, Schlumberger-UK; Asian Paints, HDFCLife, MaxLife in India and more. He is certified Master Black Belt in LEAN Six Sigma, Lead Assessor for EFQM, Malcom Baldrige, Certified Assessment Team Member, CMMI, and Lead Auditor for ISO 9001, ISO 27001.

He has been the speaker at many globally recognized platforms like ANQ (Asian Network for Quality), BBC – USA, Australian Indo Chambers etc.

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