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Process is not just set of activities but it is the only way to manage business.  Almost all processes require in depth understanding and acceptance from all stakeholders for successful implementation. The difficult part is to break functional silos and define a process which reflects true business values with complete end to end visibility. A significant part of process definition is to use a method which collaborate all business users to define processes to strengthen business operations.

ARIS BPM Designer is offers one powerful way to model your processes and then optimize your business. ARIS BPM platform creates a collaborative process design that is easy to access and easy to use. Virtually any one can design agile processes to improve business performance, from product development to sales and services.

This two days program will help the participants to design business processes using best process modeling conventions. The program starts with the essential basis concepts of Business Process Management and Business Processes and followed through skill building for process modelling

ARIS Business Process Designer –ABD 101

Duration: 2 Days


Enable participants to define and design business processes

Who Should Attend

Subject Matter Experts,  Process Owners, Users working with ARIS Designer  to create business process models


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. use ARIS functionality for your modeling work
  2. describe complex business information in a logical and understandable way using the ARIS methodology
  3. structure and describe all relevant additional information used in a process model

Day 1 ( 4 Hours )

  • Introduction to Business Process Management
  • Introduction to Business Process – Approach, Tools and Methods
  • Understanding to ARIS Connect Designer Platform
  1. Importance of Process modelling- Concept of process models
  2. Concept of Model Levels
  3. Process Roles

Day 1 ( 4 Hours )

  • Learn about Process Modelling conventions – Naming and graphical (Client Specific Conventions)
  • Learn about – Aris Designer connection setting ,login and work area
  • Learn Process Modelling Techniques for:
  • VACD
  • EPC
  • FAD

Day 2 ( 4 Hours )

  • Continue Learning for Process Modelling Techniques for:
  • VACD
  • EPC
  • FAD
  • End to End Process Exercise using VACD and EPC, FAD and BPMN
  • Day 2 ( 4 Hours )
  • Learn Process Modelling Techniques:

         -Organization Chart

  • Learn Best Practices of Process Modelling
  • Learn Standard Features for Process Review and Analysis – ARIS Report
  • Learn about ARIS Collaboration and ARIS Change Managemen

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