Top 10 Business Process Mapping Tools For Increasing Business Efficiency

Business Process Mapping Tools

Every business has numerous business processes that require strict and pertinent attention. Managing business processes is a tedious process; hence to make it into an exciting task, Business Process Mapping is critical. And, there Business Process Mapping Tools come.

Business Process Mapping is a discipline under Business Process Management that helps to depict the processes in a company visually. It depicts the functioning of business processes from the beginning to the end. It helps to increase the efficiency of the company. The manual mapping of business processes is possible, but it is bound to have human errors.

Hence, it is ideal to choose Business Process Mapping Tools to ease functioning and save time. The benefit of using tools to map business processes is to reduce redundancy, save time and increase the company’s efficiency.

Here are the top 10 Business Process Mapping tools


  • ARIS helps in the process of enhancing the understanding of the work process.
  • With the help of the respective tool, you will be able to illustrate resource allocation.
  • It also helps you with the document training procedures
  • Using ARIS, you can also track workflows
  • It helps in the process of enhancing staff awareness.


  • Bizagi is a low-code mapping tool for business processes.
  • It provides a single platform for people, applications, robots, and information.
  • It helps develop a connection between the employees and the customers.
  • It increases the efficiency of the business processes by empowering people for digital transformation.
  • It provides utmost security to enterprise applications and graphical monitoring tools.
  • It helps automate every business process and the devices in it.
  • It has three products, 1. Bizagi Studio 2. Bizagi Engine and 3. Bizagi BPMN.
  • The above products have many features suitable for your business processes.
  • Bizagi also provides a 30-day free trial.


  • Kissflow is one of the business process mapping tools built for the modern workplace.
  • It provides workflow management, case management, project management, and collaboration.
  • It is also a low code tool that allows for cloud procurement.
  • It provides three plans for business process mapping- Basic, Advanced, and Full.
  • Each plan has a free trial period, after which you can choose to buy the program.


  • Creatio is a low code tool that helps to map business processes via a single platform.
  • It allows you to automate tasks, implement rules, and comply with third-party regulations.
  • It is software that accelerates sales, service, marketing, and operations in a company.
  • It is functional in 110 countries and has established a global presence.
  • It offers three products for business process mapping, 1. Studio, 2. Studio Enterprise, and 3. Studio Free.
  • It provides its users with a free trial for 14 days.


  • BPMApp is a collaboration of 500 different apps.
  • It helps to manage business processes and provides efficient mapping.
  • It helps you engage the processes and track down all the tasks enlisted.
  • It allows you to customize workflows using nodes.
  • It has a global presence because of the strategic placement of its six data centers worldwide.
  • It offers a per-user plan at 14.99 USD.
  • It also offers a free trial period for its users.

Process Maker

  • Process Maker is among the Business Process Mapping Tools that provide automation.
  • It can automate complex enterprise business processes.
  • It can automate processes across various departments and systems in a company.
  • It helps improve the efficiency, visibility, and tracking of processes in a business.
  • It can handle vast amounts of tasks in the least amount of time.
  • It offers four plans – 1. App 2. Standard, 3. Enterprise 4. Custom

Git Mind

  • Git Mind is a free tool used for business process mapping.
  • It provides its users with many templates to create charts and diagrams that are helpful in the mapping process.
  • It offers a customized mapping facility to its users.
  • It provides a sharing option to its users via a link.

Mind Meister

  • Mind Meister is a free tool that allows business process mapping.
  • It has a very user-friendly interface.
  • It provides the users with a customization option while creating process maps.
  • It also provides a premium version of this tool which has great features to improve the efficiency of business processes via mapping.


  • Creately is one of the Business Process Mapping Tools that provides collaborative mapping options.
  • It has a diagram builder that allows for collaborations.
  • The diagram builder helps pitch ideas, create a model for the business processes, and structure the workflows.
  • The tool provides access to ready-made templates in marketing, education, engineering, etc.
  • Creately has massive libraries that help build professional process maps and diagrams for the company.

Visual Paradigm

  • A visual Paradigm is a tool that provides its users with the best possible combination.
  • It has the collaboration of Business Process Mapping and IT Development Tools.
  • It has a collection of modeling shapes to create efficient business process maps.
  • It has a drag and drop interface that helps build quick and smooth diagrams.
  • It allows you to animate your business process workflow, a visual treat for the spectators.

Business Process Mapping is one of the essential techniques in managing a company’s processes. A business has several departments which function through different systems. It is a tedious and exhausting task to efficiently keep track of all the departments and systems.

The above problem is critical, and business process mapping is the best solution. Business Process Mapping may sound fancy, but it has an equal workload when done manually.

Hence, the best solution is to resort to Business Process Mapping Tools.

It can ease your way through the various business processes and help you with the efficient management of your business. The ultimate goal of any company or organization is to achieve higher growth scales in terms of customers and money.

With the incorporation of business process mapping and the relevant tools, you can achieve domestic and global goals for your company. It is an urge for every entrepreneur to adopt technology into their business and work their way up the ladder smartly.

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