Career Options in Business Process Management

Career Options in Business Process Management

More and more businesses in the world are shifting from focusing on just hiring software developers to problem solvers. Corporate sector demands people with skills who can analyze problems and deploy the most effective techniques to come up with a solution. Career Options in Business Process Management (BPM) combines aspects of understanding and analyzing various types of business processes, and then uses a variety of techniques to increase the effectiveness and improve the quality of those processes. Achieving this involves the selection and application of IT systems and technologies.

Given these multiple skill requirements, industries are looking for dynamic people and Business Process Management offers a wide variety of career prospects. Here are few career profiles that this stream extends to.

Career options in Business Process Management

Business Analyst

Business Analysis combines understanding business change needs, assessing the business impact of those changes, capturing, analyzing and documenting requirements and supporting the communication and delivery of requirements with relevant stakeholders. The role of a Business Analyst can also be termed as a bridge between the business problems and the technical solutions. Business Analyst is among the high paying jobs in the current market and is one of the most sought-after job roles.

Business Continuity Planner

Business continuity planning (or business continuity and resiliency planning) involves strategizing and developing business plans to ensure businesses run smoothly or have backup plans in case of emergency or in cases business does not occur under normal conditions.

Business continuity planners recognize threats and define potential risks companies might face in future, assess how the risks will affect operations, implement safeguarding procedures designed to mitigate those risks, testing those procedures to ensure that they work in the event of a disaster with a goal to ensure that personal assets are protected and regularly reviewing those processes to make sure that those processes are up to date. Very few industries look forward to recruiting business continuity planners but those who do are very serious about their business and give out hefty packages.

Career Options in Business Process Management

Business Continuity Coordinator

Business Continuity Coordinator is a part of the emergency response planning team that a company recruits or sometimes appoint employees expertise in problems solving that work in coordination with Business Continuity planners once an incidence of emergency or abnormal business conditions occurs. BCC must communicate, control and manage activities associated with damage assessments and the recovery of critical business functions, with the end goal of returning to “business as usual”.

Process Improvement Specialist

Process Improvement Specialist is one of the most challenging career option available with no specific skill requirements. It comes under an umbrella of consultancy and is known by various terms like quality improvement specialist, data outcomes specialist, quality assurance specialist, process improvement analyst, or performance improvement specialist. Usually, companies look for people with a combination of analytical, hardware, software and communication skills and are often flexible and open to learn new skills as and when a company requires adapting to new technological changes.

Continuous Improvement Program Manager

Continuous Improvement Program Manager is one of the most sought-after jobs for the ones who are interested in an influential and decision making job position. As the name suggests it’s a managerial job and requires the manager to take full responsibility and accountability for targeting fulfillment of the current business process and coming up with cost-effective manufacturing and up to date business strategies at regular continuous intervals. This profile often comes with a prerequisite of a good deal of experience in manufacturing/service sector, project management, and demonstrated ability to engage leadership, planning, and execution, facilitate change management and root cause problem-solving.

Business Manager

Business Manager is an executive level job that drives the company’s direction and strategic planning to support the implementation of company initiatives to ensure the success of the Company. Business manager regularly needs to take feedback of company’s progress as well as feedback from employees as the input to company’s growth and decision making.

Managers often report to the top tier management and need to work coordinate with all the departments to ensure smooth workflow and that the company values percolate to the bottommost tier. Managers need to have strong interpersonal capabilities and ability to work cross-functionally with other leaders on sensitive and emotional issues that influence organizational goals and work well in team environment, with sound negotiation and problem-solving skills.

Strategy Manager

Business Intelligence Systems Analyst (BISA) works in Business Intelligence, a field associated with business reporting on consolidated cross-departmental business data. They are typically the stewards of any businesses, which employs database specialists and business intelligence developers. Business Intelligence analysts may act as data subject matter experts and support other business units’ data needs. A common responsibility of this unit is to develop standardized business reports and metrics.

The career options in the area of Business Process Management  (BPM) are wide. All you need to do is, get in there, learn what it’s all about and choose the most suitable career for you!

Benefits of Business process Management 

  • High Career Growth
  • Decent Salary
  • Industry Exposure

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