RPA in Revenue Cycle Management: Exploring the Impact of RPA on Healthcare in 2024

With new ecosystems for health, organizations always look to improve productivity, reduce operational expenses, and better care for patients in today’s accelerating environment. Robotic process automation can be the technology that plays a vital role in achieving the objectives above. RPA in healthcare has the prospective merit of redefining healthcare RCM through the automation of […]

Critical Thinking

The Power of critical thinking skill: How to Unlock Your Potential

In a world filled with information overload and rapid change, the ability to think critically is more valuable than ever before. critical thinking skill isn’t just for academics or intellectuals—it’s a skill that anyone can develop and use to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and clarity. So, what exactly is critical thinking, and how can […]

Healthcare Organizations – Improving The Affordability

According to an article published in H.B.R in the year 1990, “Within four years of introducing on, the Malcolm Baldrige framework became the most important catalyst for transforming American Business. More than any other initiative, public or private, it has reshaped leaders’ and managers’ thinking and behavior. The Baldrige Award not only codifies the principles […]

Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence

Malcom Baldrige Performance Excellence Program

Understand Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Program The Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Program provides organizations with one such framework to identify improvement opportunities, develop best practices, and attain and sustain top performance. Baldridge is a proven improvement and innovation framework to assess the functioning and operations of any organization. financial improvements achievement Many organizations globally are achieving significant quality, safety, […]

Baldrige Performance Excellence Program

Use of Baldrige Framework With increasing pressure to transform the healthcare delivery system, organizations face enormous challenges and opportunities to improve quality and decrease costs. The rapidity of change has been accelerated by the regulatory changes, reducing profit margins & changing customer expectations and it is imperative that hospitals and health care providers develop more […]