Critical Thinking for Problem Solving

                                         “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

                                                                                                      – Albert Einstein  


Ever, millions of business professionals struggle to take effective business decision based on the available data. And sadly, most of them end up being based on best experience and intuition. One of the major reasons for this is the lack of analytical capabilities to covert data into actionable information.

The situation sometimes is no different in companies where analytical tools are used and this failure can be attributed to the knowledge sharing of tool. We firmly believe that “use of problem-solving approach” is more sum of conceptual understanding of analytical methods and practical experience of tool. Our single-minded focus is to help professionals to achieve excellence through the gaining of basic concepts and learn tool through real practical case studies.

About the Program

A dimension of Critical Thinking for Problem Solving program will be to help participants to learn and practice the basic problem-solving approach which are essential for day-to-day work.

This program is designed to deliver practical knowledge starting from understanding of how we think, what influences our thinking process, how brain reads, analyses and evaluates the information. The program provides a step by step in a structured manner to learn and get expertise on data analysis to deliver effective business decision. Effective business decisions are best defined as ones that supported by data and graphs which are easily understandable by all stakeholders

At the end of this two-days session, the participants will

  • Gain understanding on how our thinking process works and gets influenced, and understand importance of basic statistics in day-to-day operations
  • Understand the method and approach to identify, analyse the business problems and find the best solution

The Participants

Professionals at all Level

The Duration

The Program is designed for 2 days of class-room / online class room session.

The Outline​

Part I: An Understanding to Critical Thinking

‣ Introduction Thinking Process
‣ Burst the Myth: Critical, Lateral and Design Thinking
‣ Learn About Behavioural Science and
‣ How Brain Works

Part III: Problem Solving Approach

‣ Introduction to Problem Solving Approach
‣ 10 Steps from Identify to Solve Business Problems
‣ 3 Innovation Techniques to Find the Best Solution

Part II: Asking Better Questions

‣ Improve Critical Thinking with Better Questions
‣ The Impact of Poor Questions
‣ 5 Lenses to Reframe Problems

Part IV: Case Study and Summary

‣ A Real Business Case with Supported Data
‣ Define, Analyse, and Resolve problem using Problem Solving Approach
‣ Evaluate Learning: Before and After

About Trainer

Amit Chauhan is a principal consultant at Q3edge consulting with more than 24 years of experience of BPM education and consulting. He has trained as
well as provided consultancy to the global leadingcompanies like STC in Saudi, Cayman Healthcare in Cayman Island, Schlumberger-UK; Asian Paints, HDFCLife, MaxLife in India and more. He is certified Master Black Belt in LEAN Six Sigma, Lead Assessor for EFQM, Malcom Baldrige, Certified Assessment
Team Member, CMMI, and Lead Auditor for ISO 9001, ISO 27001.

He has been the speaker at many globally recognized platforms like ANQ(Asian Network for Quality), BBC – USA, Australian Indo Chambers etc.

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