Webinar Description

This webinar addresses the critical issue of how an organization can turn the theory of process-based management into practical reality; how to process architectures and other artifacts can be made into a day-to-day management system.

The major components apart from process architecture are process measurement and process governance. These three elements of the 7Enablers of BPM form the basis of process-based management.

The webinar will demonstrate how to process architecture, KPIs, process owners, and process improvement projects that are combined to create a system of active process management.

The learning objectives are to understand:

  • How the cycle of process performance management works
  • The process of process management
  • What the Process Owner should do
  • Discovering process KPIs
  • The tripartite model of process governance
  • How Process Behaviour Charts work
Webinar Schedule
Day: 05 June 2020
Time: 11.00 A.M

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