Process Modelling Framework and ARIS Process Management

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The importance of Visual Management has been known for years in the industry, and many organizations have adopted it for their operations. But the execution of operation completely depends on the quality of process definition. The process is the only way an organization creates, accumulates and delivers values to its customers and stakeholders. Being such a critical aspect of any organization, it remains untouched by visual management.

Moreover, in the absence of any specialized training or course on process definition and design, for many years, process designing has been completely dependent on an individual’s skill and expertise to define and document the business processes. Unfortunately, such an unstructured approach leaves many holes in the business while establishing the structured process management system. The organization struggles to get the business outcome “somehow”.

About the Program

This program is designed for the Subject Matter Experts, Process Owners, and Practitioners who are actively involved in designing and documenting business processes for operations or functional departments. The program will provide specialized knowledge on how to plan, design, model, and validate the process information through process modelling techniques. The program includes various methods and best practices that guide designing and developing process models using ARIS and managing ARIS.

ARIS Architect & ARIS Designer are two tools offering one decisive way to model your processes and optimize your business. Together these products create a collaborative process design tool that is easy to access and use. As a result, virtually anyone can design agile methods to improve business performance, from product development to sales and services.

1. An Understanding of Process Modelling Framework and Overview to ARIS
2. Design and Analyse Business Process Models using ARIS
3. Learn ARIS Viewer for End User
4. Manage ARIS Administration

The Outline

Session 1

Part I: An Understanding of Process Modelling Framework

A. Introduction to Process Modelling
B. Learn Different Types of Process Modelling Techniques
C. Process Modelling Framework ®©
D. Page Industry Process Modelling Conventions

Part II: Overview to ARIS

A. Type of ARIS Modules
B. ARIS Overview to Capabilities/Functionalities
C. Reference ARIS Models

Session 2

Part I: Design Business Processes using ARIS .... Continued

A. Exercise and Practice on Process Modelling
B. Update Process and Activity Attributes
C. ARIS Version Management

Part II: Analyse Business Processes using ARIS

A. Queries in ARIS
B. ARIS Simulation

Session 3 : ARIS Viewer

A. Overview to ARIS Viewer
B. Collaboration
C. Process Models View
D. ARIS Viewer – Other Capabilities

Session 4: Manage Your Business Processes

A. User Management
B. ARIS Database Back Up and Restore
C. Build ARIS Conventions for Modelling

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