Manage Problem and Resolve Root Causes

                                “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

                                                                                                       – Albert Einstein


We live in a complex world. People and organizations often don’t believe they have the time to perform the in-depth analyses required to solve problems. Instead, they take remedial actions to make the problem less visible and implement a patchwork of ad- hoc solutions they hope will prevent a recurrence. Then when the problem returns, they get frustrated –and the same cycle repeats.

Although many organizations have invested considerable time and effort to improve their processes, it isn’t unusual to see the same problems popping up repeatedly. The impacts on customers, end- users, employees, profitability and competitiveness have always been significant due to repeated cycles of the same or similar problem.

About the Program

We all manage problems from simple to complex as our daily routine activities. Thus, the program applies to everyone interested in learning a systematic approach to identify, analyze, and resolve the problem systematically.

The program starts with a strong foundation for understanding root cause analysis. This program explains with the detailed understanding of critical steps necessary to:
A. Diagnose the real root cause of the problem
B. Identify and select the right solution

The program is designed as a workshop where real-life business problems will be shared and apply all our learnings to get hands-on experience.

The Outline

1. An Understanding of Root Cause Analysis

A. Introduction to Root Cause Analysis
B. Basics about Critical Thinking and Logical Thinking
C. Understand Cognitive Biasness and It’s Impact

2. Phase 1: Diagnostic Study

A. Define the Problem
B. Understand the Process
C. Identify Possible Causes (using flow chart, logical tree, Barrier Analysis, change analysis, cause and effect etc.)
D. Validate the Root Causes (using Collect the Data, Analyse the Data)

3. Phase 2: Solution Phase

A. Identify and Select Solutions
B. Implement, Evaluate and Institutionalize

The Participants

▪ Function Heads
▪ Subject Matter Experts,
▪ Domain Experts,
▪ Business Analyst,
▪ Process Analyst,
▪ Process Owners and
▪ Everyone who involves in problem management

The Duration

The Program is designed for 1 day of class room / online class room session.

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