BPM Online Training for an Individual: Career Path, Job and Salary

BPM Training for Individual

With the changing times, we all have grown drastically so have the technologies. We moved from the era of televisions with antennas to the age of smart TVs. It might seem very fast from the rear end, but it took two decades of research and innovations to land up here today. It is the same course our career pathway should follow.

It is the ‘Age of Entrepreneurship’, and in this age, it is crucial to have all the necessary skills in you that will be beneficial for various businesses. Business Process Management is a skill you must master to help accelerate the growth of companies.

Today after a Covid pandemic hit the world, everything functions digitally. It would be best if you appreciated that upskilling business courses are also available online for ease of accessibility and learning. Many BPM Online Training courses can help you learn, understand, and implement process management in businesses.

Why should you take up a career in Business Process Management?

Before enrolling on any course, it is mandatory to ask yourself a “why” question because it clearly defines your goals and choices.

A BPM training program adds the following to your knowledge and personality.

  1. Credibility
  • When you enrol for a BPM Certification Online training from a renowned institute or program, you add immense worth to your skills.
  • Your knowledge of business process management can add excellent value to any company that recruits you. Hence, it weighs your credibility to a higher level.
  1. Marketability
  • Gaining excellent knowledge from experts through a BPM Certification Course puts you ahead of your peers.
  • Hence, it directly influences the marketability and value of your biodata.
  1. Upgradability
  • It is a known fact that business process management is an approach that has been gaining immense popularity in recent times.
  • Hence, a bpm online training course has an added advantage for you as it can help you stay updated with the most recent updates in the industry and help you enhance your upgradability.
  • It is a great skill that helps recruit and segregates you from the competition.

BPM Online Training

Key Trends in BPM

Business Process Management itself is an ongoing trending discipline. In BPM, there are some critical trends in popular demand; they are:

  1. Verticalization- Today, organizations are looking for verticalized skills with end-to-end solutions. They are ready to perform mergers and acquisitions to acquire and integrate verticalization. It is a great way to offer in-demand customizable solutions for customers.
  2. The emergence of Big Data includes the latest technological advancements, vast amounts of mergers and acquisitions, and the incorporation of integrated solutions involving IT and Analytics. All the above helps in creating reliable and sustainable value addition for clients.
  1. Continued Locational Advantage- India is emerging as the most convenient location for the IT industry in terms of the business environment, skill availability and financial management. As 70% of IT hubs are in Tier 1 cities, to cut costs, IT centres are increasing in Tier 2 cities which increases the demand for skill and enhances the spread, which helps in growth.
  1. The emergence of Knowledge Services Specialization- The knowledge Services sector will experience a near future boom in BPM. It has proven to be a great revenue contributor to organizations. It accounts for 18% of BPM exports. Legal Services, Data Analytics, and Risk Management are booming knowledge service segments. Due to the abundance of knowledge and expertise, India has become the preferred destination for outsourcing the core elements.

Increasing use of Social Media and the Internet for Customer Relationship Management- Social Media serves as a great platform to unite everyone. The unified communication systems, social networking, and collaboration have opened up multiple channels for integrated communications. In addition, the Internet has opened a new arena of contact with the customer and is an excellent asset in incorporating a customer-centric business approach.

What does BPM Training include?

BPM Training will assist a professional in aligning their career path with management skills and updated knowledge about the industry. Business Process Management is often confused as a simple task that has similarities with project management, but it is incorrect. BPM is an end to end management of processes in a business; hence the individuals undergoing a thorough training can identify, analyze, assess, implement and execute the proper methods to enhance the workflow of business processes in a company.

The individuals who opt for BPM Online Training will acquire knowledge about the following:

  • Everything about the history of Business Process Management.
  • The key concepts involved in Business Process Management.
  • The terms used in Business Process Management.
  • The techniques used in Business Process Management.
  • The Tools and Technologies that are popular in Business Process Management.
  • A complete overview of Process Modeling, Designing and Analysis.
  • Everything about Business Process Management Suites and Process Modeling tools.
  • It will help you interact with industry experts, which will give you scope to develop interesting insights and enormous practical knowledge.
  • It also provides you with a community forum where you can connect with your fellow trainees to interact with each other and gain a deeper understanding of the subject.

What are the Benefits of Signing up for BPM Training?

You must be wondering, what good can a bpm training do to you? You have just discovered the tip of the iceberg if you think that the training does no good to individuals. On the contrary, proper training in business process management can help you develop superior skills to run a business, which is critical for recruitment in larger companies.

Some of the essential benefits of BPM Training are:

  • First, it helps you gain broader knowledge about process management in more prominent organizations which involves enormous businesses.
  • It helps your organization to create better products using your updated insights.
  • It enhances your as well as your organization’s productivity.
  • It helps you become directly involved in the upscaling and growth of the company you serve.
  • It puts you and your company ahead of your peers because of your upgraded knowledge of the industry and the market.
  • It helps you manage business processes in a smoother and faster way, allowing the company to speed up its production.
  • You can directly influence your company’s revenue as your company enhances its potential only because of you.
  • It will help you guide your company to incorporate the latest bpm tools that reduce extra efforts and enhance the company’s productivity and revenue.
  • It will help build good credibility for you and your company.
  • It assists in enhancing the company’s efficiency, which directly influences the reputation and revenue streams.

What is the Career Path of an Individual with BPM Online Training?

Undoubtedly, the individuals undergoing BPM Certification Online have a good chance of being recruited by good companies. However, there is a significant gap in the demand and supply chain of bpm trained professionals.

There are numerous job roles related to Business Process Management; they are:

  • 10 Occupations. Occupation is a set of job roles that perform similar functions in the industry.
  • 27 Tracks. The track is an independent, unique activity under occupation.
  • 16 Entry-Level Job roles (0-2 yrs).
  • 111 Middle-Level Job roles (2-10 yrs).
  • 30 Leadership Level Job roles (>10 yrs).
1.  Occupations and Tracks in BPM are
  • Analytics- There are tracks like MIS-Reporting and Analytics- Modeling and Analysis in this category.
  • Customer Relationship Management- In this category, there are tracks like Customer Care Non-Voice, Customer Care Voice, Sales/Telesales, Technical Support/ IT Help Desk, and Collections (B2C).
  • Editorial and Desktop Publication- There are tracks like Editorial, Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Design in this category.
  • Finance and Accounting- In this category, there are tracks like Transaction Processing (B2B Collections), Credit Analysis, Audit and Accounting, Reporting, Financial Planning and Analysis (Budgeting and Forecasting).
  • Health Services- In this category, there are tracks like Clinical Data Management and Medical Transcription.
  • Human Resource Outsourcing- In this category, there are tracks like Recruitment, Learning and Development, Compensation and Benefits Management, and Employee relations.
  • Knowledge Services (Research)-There are tracks like Secondary Research, Market Research, and Investmentment Banking Research
  • in this category.
  • Learning- Tracks like Content Management and Instructional Design in this category.
  • Legal Services.
  • Supply Chain Management- In this category, there are tracks like Procurement Operations (Strategic Sourcing), Sales and Fulfillment (including Inventory Management).
2.  Entry Level Job Roles
  • It includes individuals with an experience of 0-2 yrs.
  • The job role is related to Analytics; it is Associate Analytics.
3.  Mid-level Job Roles
  • It includes individuals with an experience of 2-10 yrs.
  • The job roles are in a hierarchy- First, an individual becomes Senior Associate MIS Reporting, Senior Associate Modeling and Analysis.
  • The second level job roles include Team Leader MIS Reporting, Team Leader- Modeling and Analysis and Process Expert/ Specialist- Modeling and Analysis.
  • The highest level job roles in this category include Business Manager- Reporting and Business Manager- Modeling and Analysis.
4.  Leadership Job Roles
  • It includes individuals with an experience of more than 10yrs.
  • The job roles include Head of Analytics, Head of Geographical Unit or Sales and Head of the Company.

As we have seen, there are job roles from the primary track level to the leadership level. BPM training can cut an extra edge for you and help you fetch yourself a job starting from the entry-level, and with your performance, you can go up the ladder quickly.

Salary Structure after BPM Training

The individuals who undergo BPM Online Training have an ocean full of opportunities in various companies under any job role specified in the hierarchy.

A BPM training puts you directly on the entry-level job roles in the hierarchy, surpassing the occupations and tracks. Since it is a booming industry, the salaries of a bpm trained individual are extremely satisfying even for a beginner. As you grow in this field, you can become a millionaire because of the demand.

Business Process Management is a recent developing field; there is a scarcity in the number of individuals who have the proper knowledge of the subject. Hence, a person with bpm training and certification can easily surpass their competitors to get recruited for the best job available.

The average salary of a BPM employee trained is 24.4 lakhs per annum in India. The pay ranges from 10 lakhs and goes upto 49.5 lakhs. The starting salary for beginners is ten lakhs, which is much higher when compared with a fresher’s salary in any other industry.

The knowledge, the career path, the job roles and finally the salaries all speak out loud to say that a bpm training can get you all the best things in life- the best job, the career growth and the money.


Today people are much more aware when spending money on various things, but something that gives your career a sudden boost is worth investing in.

Any investment you make should add some value to your life, and a BPM Online Training adds more significant value than anything else. However, before choosing a course for yourself, you must do extensive research to understand the syllabus of the system and the value it is providing.

It would be best if you always looked for upgrading and upskilling yourself to shine brighter. The goal of any person should always be to find and learn the best possible ways to move up higher and maintain the highest position forever. Scaling up is the way to go, and courses like BPM training help you attain and maintain that height forever.

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