BPM: The Next Wave in Process Effectiveness

BPM: The Next Wave in Process Effectiveness

Many organizations have found that their long-lasting business models no longer function as efficiently as they used to be and they are now struggling to identify new business models and to transform themselves to answer the challenges posed by the global economies today. With radically changing customer demands, you need to take stock of your current processes before you can begin to improve them.

Speaking of processes, we have categorized them as per below:

  • Management Processes
  • Operational Processes
  • Supporting Processes

Now, any business around the world is carrying out the BPM initiatives with the sole aim to, for example, outperform their competitors or meet the demands of regulatory authorities.

Business Process Management has a proven approach for enabling business users and IT to collaborate and bring to market process improvements and innovations. This helps you to focus on the core functionalities of your business process all the way during process automation.

In order to do so, if an organization has to take the current output and operational efficiencies to new heights, ideally, they should be relying on scientifically proven sound practices which means capitalizing on evidence rather than depending on plain old confidence.

The business should be very careful about not trying to mend something that is not broken.  Today business managers are attracted to BPM because it has been able to demonstrate the ability to deliver improvements in organizational performance, regulatory compliance, and service quality in all kinds of business environments successfully and thus breaking all the false notions around the word BPM.

BPM is designed on the principle of re-usability – therefore automating each consecutive process becomes faster and cheaper with time. BPM implementation allows visible outputs on a daily basis. It does not require extensive knowledge and costly resources for the transformation of legacy IT systems.

Q3edge`s Business Process Management practice leverages our firm-wide knowledge and experience to deliver process-based solutions.

We bring

  • A Seasoned, Experienced Workforce:
  • Deep Industry Knowledge
  • A Proven Architecture Framework
  • Wide BPM/Integration Experience

You can join our Free Webinar on Demystifying Business Process Management, where we will demystify the role of BPM in a new business environment.

And you will also get to know how BPM can help you to expedite the digital journey and identify the best fit with technology solutions like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, etc.

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