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According to a report by Triaster, every client of theirs could save over £300,000 per year by improving just one process. This is one of the biggest reasons businesses are opting for business process management (BPM).

Just by implementing and integrating efficient BPM the chances of success of your projects increase by 70%. This resulted in the outrageous increase of bpm tools in the market.

What are BPM tools?

BPM tools provide a platform where you can automate typical business processes in your company. These processes may include invoice processing, payment approval, correspondence workflow, leave request workflow as well as industry-specific processes.

BPM is typically used as a means to improve business performance outcomes and responsiveness of operations. BPM tools help the bpm strategies to be implemented most effectively.

But now the question arises if investing in process management a good choice or just a hoax?

This is what happens when you work without a proper process management service:

    1. Shortage of data.

    1. Wastage of time.

    1. Chances of errors increase by many folds.

    1. Unsatisfied customers.

    1. Dispirited employees.

Sounds awful, right! To save yourself from all the above situations you need proper process management.

In this article, we will discuss all the famous bpm tools list and analyze why they are considered the best!

List of top 7 BPM tools


ProcessMaker is the kind of bpm tool that automates form-intensive, and approval-based processes across departments and systems. Its user-friendliness makes it the top choice among all the other bpm tools.

You don’t need any kind of coding knowledge to run the automation process. Plus, it designs and automates the workflows as well. Their OCR/ICR bots scan paper documents and can even extract metadata from the images.

They also have a built-in storage facility that makes them more user-intensive. Their channel of interaction with customers is through videos, webinars, emails, and instant chats.

Unique Features:

    • Offers a unique range of design features like process designer & engine, custom themes, and custom packages.

    • Provides the option to build a web portal.

    • Gives nightly off-site backups   

    • Presence of screen & script designer.

    • Exclusive business activity monitoring (BAM) feature.                  

Pricing: Starts from $19 per month for unlimited usage.  

Final thoughts: ProcessMaker is famous because of its easy accessibility and lower price ranges with maximum features.


Kissflow is among the few bpm tools that are designed to suit all businesses, big and small. It provides an easy option to link your workflows with API and Zapier tools.

With premium plans, you can access process management and workflow management as well. Its convenient user interface makes it popular among the customers.

Unique Features:

    • Supports multiple work types: projects, cases, processes, etc.

    • User-friendly dashboard.

    • Seamless integration with software solutions and other standard productivity apps.

    • Immediate process audits- digital as well as on paper.

    • Get valuable insights from the custom reports.

Pricing: Variable plan ranges. Starts from $360 per month for 30 users.

Final thoughts: Kissflow is famous for its flexibility, and availability of various unique features that nobody else provides.


Nintex is among the prime bpm tools that rank high in the industry. It manages, optimizes, and automates the processes. Both on-premise and cloud-based storage has been provided.

It is a one-stop solution for risk and compliance management and improvement management.

Unique Features:

    • Run lean tags.

    • Create e-signatures and digital forms.

    • On-premise and cloud-based storage availability.

    • Provides process and doc approval workflow.

    • Includes all the core management features.

Pricing: Variable plan ranges. The standard plan is $950 per month for unlimited users.

Final thoughts: Nintex is famous because it has set the industry standards. It has good brand value and reviews.

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Zoho Creator

It is a low-code platform to make your work processes smoother. It provides a single platform for mobile app creation as well.

Built keeping in mind the needs of both digital and remote workplaces. Easy configuration of workflows in minimal steps to automate the processes.

Unique Features:

    • App creation for web, mobile, tablet.

    • AI-assisted tasks are incorporated.

    • Easy drag and drop designer for instant modifications.

    • Builds themes, layouts, and scripts.

    • Multi-lingual app support.

Pricing: Cost-effective plan range. The basic plan is about $6 per month for 3 apps.

Final thoughts: Zoho creator is famous for its convenient app-building facility. It automates the processes seamlessly.


It gives you a visual workspace for remote teams. Lucidchart helps users sketch and share professional flowchart diagrams.

They provide designs for any business process from brainstorming to project management.

Unique Features:

    • An effective sales solution.

    • Works remotely.

    • Visualization of the cloud solution.

    • Optimize processes to cut costs.

    • Customer journey mapped out.

Pricing: Cost-effective plan range. The priced plan starts from $7.95 per month for an individual.

Final thoughts: Lucidchart is famous because it can convert any workflow into an easy, perceivable diagram.

Monday. com

With you can centralize data in one single place and integrate all the tools to work together. It gives a clear overview of the spent budget on various projects and processes.

It’s completely customizable and allows multiple users for status updates of assignments.

Unique Features:

    • Timeline and calendar management.

    • High-class security provisions.

    • Suitable for both iOS and Android platforms.

    • Share boards with freelancers, clients, or any other outsider for a clear work process.

    • Data visualization on various graphs and charts.

Pricing: Variable plan range. The priced plan starts from $8 per user per month.

Final thoughts: is famous for its easy-to-use BPM platform. And, its ability to provide real-time insights is a bonus point. 


Bizagi is a free business process management tool. It has 3 separate products for easy process management: Bizagi Modeler, Bizagi Studio, and Bizagi Engine.

It helps in process modeling, building process applications, and running process applications. Deployment options are available for both on-premise and cloud-based storage.

Unique Features:

    • It can publish process models.

    • Collaboration of process models.

    • Provides a revision history.

    • Store models in the cloud, and working offline feature available.

    • Give real-time notifications.

Pricing: Free to use. Cloud-based plans are charged as per the number of users.

Final thoughts: Bizagi is famous because it offers a wide array of features for free. It provides you a better hold of process management with better collaborative features.

This is our analysis of why the top BPM tools are so famous.

Will choosing effective BPM tools solve all the process management problems?

BPM tools can definitely help you fight the operational troubles of your business. But the key to business growth lies in making the right and appropriate growth strategies.

 9 benefits of choosing effective bpm tools:

    1. Reduces rigidity of the system.

BPM tools make your business more customizable. Every business is different, and so are its goals. BPM tools offer you ways to personalize and customize it as per your own goals.

You can make changes and suitable amends at any time of the process. It gives you the freedom to design and structure your processes.

    • Risk compliance management.

Since the system is highly monitored, it saves you from fraud. BPM makes your work more efficient and produces better results. This helps you meet your bigger organizational goals.

    • Improves transparency and adherence to industry standards.

BPM tools help you to implement the industrial norms and regulations effectively. Businesses need to adhere to these rules. If you meet the standards then, you save all your money from unwanted fines and dues.

It also ensures transparency in the organization. Thus, visibility to employees increases.

    • Automation.

As discussed earlier, one major aspect of BPM is automation. This prevents you from doing the same redundant task over and over again.

Due to this, you can focus your energy on other aspects of the business. That makes your business more productive and employees happier.

    • High-spirited employees.

BPM tools clear most of the loopholes and do all the tedious work. This makes the employees focus their 100% energy on other important tasks. The information access is easy, so employees can incorporate it for better reach to the customers.

    • Customer-centered.

A happier workforce produces better results. Since BPM keeps the employees happy, the employees can concentrate better to retain customers.

Customer support and queries can be resolved faster and efficiently thus, customer satisfaction is also increased. BPM brings people and technology closer.

    • Sustainable.

With time the business processes need to change and adapt accordingly. Though BPM is highly adaptable by nature, it still manages to maintain control to give the best results.

    • Analytics and reporting.

BPM is not theoretical. Each step of the process is measurable and can be checked to see if gives expected results.

When incorporated with technology, it provides tools for reporting and assessing the decisions.

    • Trust-worthy.

Once you assign a task and design BPM to respond in a certain way it is saved. The same kind of problems is dealt with in the same manner.

BPM tools are trust-worthy as it handles all the issues appropriately.  


Our top recommendations are Monday. com, Kissflow and Nintex. And, if you are looking for the most cost-effective bpm tool then, Bizagi is the best choice.     We hope our article gave you a proper insight on BPM tools comparison. And, will help you choose the right BPM tools for your business. To know more about business process management and ways to integrate it with your business

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