Missing Process Innovation: The End of Road for Blockbuster

Missing Process Innovation

Missing Process Innovation a lot of attention to process innovations can be an obstacle to efficient business growth. Likewise, completely avoiding process innovations can also be disastrous for a business. You must have heard that successful movies are often referred to as “blockbusters,” but do you know the blockbuster company itself is now considered one […]

Process Failure Caused the Loss of $193 million Mars Orbiter by NASA

NASA launched a program called ‘Mars Surveyor program’ in 1993 to conduct a series of experiments to explore Mars. Unfortunately, the mission failed miserably just because of one silly mistake! And that was NASA’s lack of processes. Although there’s no doubt that NASA is full of highly talented and extremely intelligent people — literal rocket […]

BRT Corridor – From the Lens of Process Management


BRT Corridor – Imagine you are a city planner who has to improve the public transport system. Your ultimate goals would be to generate the local economy through it, manage traffic, and give a safe and reliable transportation system to the public. The first thought that you may have is to start an underground metro […]