How can digital transformation help financial institutions meet constantly changing customer expectations and regulatory requirements 2023?

digital transformation

As the influence of the internet and technology is increasing in this world, consumer expectations are rising dramatically. Today people want everything digital in the form of online services or applications. We all know the traditional processes and culture of the finance industry. But today, people want digital transformation in financial services to gain maximum […]

What is Business Process Design, Steps and Importance ?

In the highly dynamic business world where competition levels are rising every day, business owners and managers can not afford to run their organizations and companies in a chaotic manner anymore. Undefined business processes can lead to chaos that can result in low levels of productivity and inconsistent outcomes. Businesses need to have defined systems […]

Process Improvement what is it ? How does it Help in Business Growth?

Process Improvement

How can a company assure quality improvement and a better end-user experience? Your business may develop enormously with good process improvement. All business practises aimed at identifying, analysing, and improving current business processes are included in process improvement. This aids in performance optimization and adherence to industry best practises. As a result, the business quality […]

BRT Corridor – From the Lens of Process Management


BRT Corridor – Imagine you are a city planner who has to improve the public transport system. Your ultimate goals would be to generate the local economy through it, manage traffic, and give a safe and reliable transportation system to the public. The first thought that you may have is to start an underground metro […]

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Now more than ever, companies want to deliver the products and services better, faster and cheaper. LEAN Six Sigma is a widespread yet unique group of methodologies used by organizations and individuals to increase their efficiency and output. Whether it’s an organization or a professional the application of the principles of Six Sigma can help […]

BPM Software – Major factors to be considered while selecting

Let’s discuss some few factors that are important when selecting a BPM software vendor and an eventual implementation partner. The most important factor in selecting a software partner, and for that matter, an implementation partner, is understanding your requirements and your organizational readiness. “To thine own self-be true.” If you or your organization aren’t equipped to tackle […]