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Awareness of Business Process Management Outsourcing is spreading like fire. Everyone is talking about bringing about change in their business Processes either to sustain the business or to book their profits. Considering the increasing interest in improving Business Process, there are a lot of agencies which have created a business out of it. Many agencies have come up with a variety of plans which claim to improve the business processes and bring about the desired change in the company’s existing performance through efficient business processes.

There are different schemes that these companies come up with, business process consultancy, project-based business process management, business process outsourcing, and many other luring terms. These plans offered may seem promising and potent, but there are many flaws that these companies generally have. Of all the schemes, the most insisted scheme is Business Process Outsourcing. As easy and convenient outsourcing of Business Process may sound, it has a potential to many threats.

Business Process Management Outsourcing that explain how its work

1.Integral to Business: A business process is never one that fits all. Each organization is unique and has its own way of functioning. In fact, the uniqueness of these processes is the one that makes each enterprise different from the other. If business processes are outsourced, the uniqueness will have no meaning.

2.Confidentiality: In the cutthroat competition where all the businesses procure at the same rate as well as all the products are priced at the same rate. The difference in profit margins is due to the difference in business processes of organizations. The cost-cutting and cost saving all are the outcomes of efficient business processes. No organization would want to make their profit earning secrets public. Outsourcing BPM means relieving all your business secrets to an outsider, making your ideas public!

3.Involvement: Any agency that offers Business Process Management on project basis has the ultimate goal to earn money. For those agencies, your enterprise would be just like other enterprises. It would look at your enterprise as a project and never as its own. A business process is very special; it is designed by the owners with heart and soul. Outsourcing a business process will never have that emotion to it.

4.Cost: Taking a different company on board for outsourcing will always incur high costs than employing a person or training one. For cost-effective BPM, it is always advisable to go for an in-house employee than appointing an agency.

5.Understanding: What is critical for your enterprise’s processes is difficult to be understood by an outsider. What matters to your enterprise might not be passed on with the same conviction to an outsider. Hence the level of understanding of your processes will always be different than what would be perceived by an outsider.

Business Processes make an enterprise what it is. A Business is bound to excel when the processes involved are in continuous improvement phase. If outsourcing is not the most reliable option, then what should enterprises resort to for BPM? Well, there are different agencies which are completely into Business process improvement training. They focus on bringing change in business processes by training someone from the organization itself and impart that person all the knowledge that is required to make wonders in their business.

One such training hub is Q3edge. Q3edge is into BPM training. It has a record of training people of high ranks into Business improvements by understanding Business processes in depth. The sessions and curriculum are specially designed to make their students understand the industry standards and specifications!
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