Business Process Management

Top 10 Business Process Mapping Tools For Increasing Business Efficiency

Business Process Mapping Tools

Every business has numerous business processes that require strict and pertinent attention. Managing business processes is a tedious process; hence to make it into an exciting task, Business Process Mapping is critical. And, there Business Process Mapping Tools come. Business Process Mapping is a discipline under Business Process Management that helps to depict the processes […]

How to accomplish Business Process Documentation?

Business Process Documentation

‘Documentation’, this word sounds very familiar to everyone, but everyone dislikes the process of documentation. It is one of the most tedious tasks in the world. At every stage in our life, documentation is one process that is mandatory and extremely important. It would be best if you had to have documents for everything, whether […]

Business Process Services: Definition, Benefits, and Types

With the rapid change in technology, the fundamental nature of businesses is also evolving very fast. The organizations which once claimed to be the world leaders in their zone are now compelled to give way to the new age technology-driven unique business models controlled by the next-gen dynamics this is where business process services come into play… […]

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI): Definition, Methodology, Techniques, and Benefits

continuous process improvement

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) is used to ensure the survival of your business and attempts in the long-term. By consistently re-evaluating and developing business processes, your organizations will be more resourceful, advanced and responsive. Observe all the big or successful companies today, you are rarely going to find a company that doesn’t audit and analyze […]

Business Process Governance and its Importance: Complete Guide

Business Process governance is one of the biggest concerns in process management, but still is often overlooked and neglected by many organizations. To simply put, we say that process governance is the way of consolidation of process management initiatives by an organisation staying within the standards, guidelines, and rules to work towards a common objective. […]

Business Process Management and its Examples

In a world full of the business-buzzwords, it becomes difficult to keep up with each one of them. “Business Process Management” is one of those terms that just get thrown around a lot. But very few understand what it actually means! That’s why we are here to enlighten you with some clarity over the topic. […]

7 Applied Methods of Performance Appraisal

Methods of Performance Appraisal

To boost productivity of employees and improve the overall organizational outcomes, performance appraisal is essential. Methods of Performance appraisals as the name suggests, is based on certain predefined series of prospects. It is a yearly process where appraisals are decided based on the performance of the employees that year. Performance and process management is crucial, […]

What is Business Process Redesign ? What are the steps Involved in it ?

Is your business not giving the desired outcomes? Do you want to bring effective and realistic changes to your business? Try business process redesign to get faster and effective results. Business process redesign involves every possible way to work out ways to improve the already existing processes. The best-case scenario involves cutting the costs and […]