Why choose ARIS tool over other Process Management Tools?

Aris Tool

A Business works on a set of defined and designated processes, ranging from simple to very complex ones. Hence, it requires a proper management system. There ARIS tool comes.

Business Process Management (BPM) is the key to decoding the success route in your business. It may sound effortless, but it has its share of challenges. Hence, it requires excellent BPM tools to carry out your management processes smoothly.

ARIS BPM is one such tool that is gaining popularity in this industry. In this blog, we are going to decode everything about ARIS tool.

What is Business Process Management?

Before we get into the tools, it’s crucial to understand BPM in detail.

Business Process Management is a discipline that involves activities starting from strategy to execution. In this journey of strategy to execution, there are many activities are involved starting with define business processes, model / design business processes, monitor and control business processes, simulate and optimize business processes and automate business processes.

There are many benefits an organization get through BPM approach, some of these include:

  • Increase transparency within various processes in business.
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Establish a relationship between business objectives and process KPIs
  • Effective Risk Management System

The starting point of process management which is define business process, in itself is a complex system. People with different background, skills and experience have different version of AS IS process. Getting a common understanding and acceptance is a tough task to do. The complexity of process management increases with each passing phase of process management like Design, Monitor, Control and Improve Business Processes. Manual way of working does not only make more tedious but ineffective too.

Hence, it’s ideal to opt for a management tool that acts as a supervisor for such crucial business processes to eliminate the chance.

What is an ARIS Tool?

ARIS stands for Architecture of Integrated Information Systems. ARIS tool is used for business process management. It helps in Documenting Processes, designing, analysis, assessment and optimization of various processes in the business. It is the global leading bpm tool for enterprises that chase growth and higher scales.

ARIS software works on three models:

  • ARIS Basic.
  • ARIS Advanced.
  • ARIS Enterprise.


Features of ARIS Basic

ARIS Basic is a beginner-friendly edition that supports designing, sharing and optimizing processes. Its pricing starts at 100 euros per user per month with a free plan for 30 days.

The USP of the basic version of the software is that it is effortless to understand, even by a novice. A few benefits are:

  • It has an interface that provides a user-friendly landing page.
  • It supports model creation of both BPMN and EPC types. These are the fundamental models that help in structuring the business processes.
  • It provides intelligent models that help spend less time on the layout and help focus on the content for the best results.
  • It provides a table-based modelling system where entrepreneurs can structure all the information about the company processes in a tabular form which is easier to understand.
  • It provides automatic checks that help easily publish the process models in one click.

Features of ARIS Advanced

The critical factors in ARIS Advanced include more flexibility, comprehensive collaboration and storage on the software. Its pricing starts from 200 euros per user per month with a 30-day free trial.

It is the higher edition of the primary software; hence it has some extra features like:

  • It provides more than 100 model types which help to analyze the organization. It also assists in creating detailed process maps for a comprehensive understanding of the business structure.
  • It helps to collaborate with various organizations to gain constructive feedback on business process activities and develop insights on improvisations.
  • It helps organize and assess your business data to help create customized reports. It also provides a WYSIWYG editor for editing and scripting data.
  • It provides the flexibility to grow slowly from single users to multiple ones by creating individual workspaces for all users.

Features of ARIS Enterprise

ARIS Enterprise is the premium product in the segment of ARIS Bpm. It serves as a complete package for entrepreneurs for business process management. The pricing can vary and is customized by the software company.

Some of the key features are:

  • It provides multiple social collaboration streams for various users.
  • It gives access to every member in your company based on their role and provides dashboards for each user, allowing them to contribute to its growth.
  • When software provides such meticulous data management and process map creation, it is evident that it helps in better analysis of the business processes in a company.
  • It provides a great advantage for businesses requiring vast governance as it can automate end to end process management.
  • ARIS Enterprise is beneficial for businesses using complex processes.

Advantages of using the ARIS Tool

As we have seen, the ARIS software tool’s different features and its fantastic configuration that helps in smooth business process management. There are many advantages of using the ARIS Tool; they are:

  • The customizable configurations in the software help in uniform reporting by the company.
  • The entrepreneurs can do the branding and formatting according to the company protocols.
  • It provides customized scripts to evaluate and analyze data which enhances data integrity.
  • It eliminates repetitive modelling as it can import and export data easily in bulk.
  • It has designated quality check protocols which ensure superior quality assurance.
  • It has a feature in which the data can be converted into spreadsheets and tables, which helps better understanding.
  • It involves non-ARIS business experts who can help review files, bringing a new perspective to the table.
  • It automates consistent and uniform process modelling.
  • It also helps in automatic reporting as per the schedule.
  • It also allows for graphical reporting in the form of charts and graphs.
Let’s conclude about ARIS tool

Managing a business and its processes is a tedious and never-ending task; hence it is wiser to make intelligent decisions and choose a tool that can automate your business process and help you bring growth to your company.

ARIS BPM software is like a magic wand presented to entrepreneurs to grow their business and integrate the latest technology in the management of business processes. Growth is always directly proportional to enhancing technology.

Updating and enhancing yourself and your business is an excellent sign of your forward movement. There is no need to rush along in this process, but baby steps are also encouraged. It is ideal to taste the essence of ARIS software by incorporating its basic version into your business. Eventually, you will find your love grow till you update your business with the ARIS Enterprise version.

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