Put A Structure Around Your Strategy

Building strategy doesn’t make sense until you give it a proper structure. Strategy without structure is like making a house on a sheet of paper. We cannot live in a house made on paper; we need to give it a structure. Likewise, making a strategy isn’t enough until you shape it into a structure. And […]

Compliance risk management

Compliance Risk Management Using ARIS

 Entrepreneurs are always aware of the risks in a business but do they manage the risks well? No, most startup companies fail at Compliance risk management  which can be responsible for the company’s degrowth. As this is the age of Entrepreneurship, it can also be called the age of Automation. It is the primary reason businesses […]

Aris Tool

Why choose ARIS tool over other Process Management Tools?

A Business works on a set of defined and designated processes, ranging from simple to very complex ones. Hence, it requires a proper management system. There ARIS tool comes. Business Process Management (BPM) is the key to decoding the success route in your business. It may sound effortless, but it has its share of challenges. […]